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OC Pageant - Round 1 Portraits :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 14 22 Lucian - OC Pageant - Round 1: Party bicolore :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 15 16 Lucian concept sketches - OC Pageant Round 1 :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 4 9 Iisjah to Iisjah :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 5 6 Lucian Audition - OCPageantofDA :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 12 8 Redvil to Smoludozerka :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 3 4 2016 Summary of Art :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 6 7 Kat - OC Pageant - Round 6 - Love of my Life :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 15 14 Atlantis - The Lost Empire: Kida :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 53 9 OC-Pageant - What Catty Was Doing Following Iisjah :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 9 2 OC Pageant Round 5 - First 10 Contestants :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 8 6 OC Pageant - Laila Signing Out :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 5 17 OC Pageant Round 5 - First 8 Contestants (WIP) :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 7 13 Kat - OC Pageant - Round 5 - Best Friends :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 9 19 OC Pageant R5 - Kat - Concept Art and Height Ref :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 5 7 Oc Pageant Round R4 Stats :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 2 8


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Go here to read about auditions:
OC-pageant 2017: Auditions are open!!Welcome to the OC-pageant 2017!
This is a pageant for OCs (original characters). Each round you have to draw your OC with a new outfit suiting a given theme!
Each round several contestants are "kicked out" until one OC remains to claim the title of "Mr./Mrs. OC 2017"! (there are also a second and third place to be claimed)
EVERYONE is welcome to join!
Requirements for joining the pageant:
you need to be a member of this group (membership is automatically approved, free and can be terminated anytime; all you need to do is hit the “Join our Group” button at the top of the group’s frontpage)
You need to have an original character or fan-character of your own
The OCs which were placed first, second and third in the last pageant are not allowed to join this year’s pageant (the owners of these OCs are, however, allowed to join with different OCs)
All you need to sign up for the event is to create an audition as follows:

Don't forget to also read the rules, which are on a different page. 

Oh, and happy New Year. :)


Rikke Lindskov Loft
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


OC Pageant - Round 1 Portraits
Round 1 of :icontheoc-pageantofda: has a bi-coloured theme, where you only can use two specific colours for the outfit.

I used some of those chosen colours for a challenge with portrait sketches, where I only could use those two exact colours in my palette (soft shading allowed, though, but no colour picking the shades). It was actually pretty fun, but there's also a clear limit on what OC's I'll try to do.

This definitively works best, if there's a high difference of light and darkness between the two chosen colours. Two very light or two very dark colours would leave very little room to work with the OCs natural colours. A nice example is how Nix actually has pretty pale skin, but his chosen pink and black palette didn't allow for me to show that. Belladonna, on the other hand, worked out surprisingly well, as the neon green stands out very clearly on the very dark purple (But I'd have trouble if I were to show her with open eyes).

The OCs are:
River (dark blue and cream) © threatened-angel
Amanra (black and gold) © LadyLoriel
Nix (black and pink) © JuneDelph
Elumb Lotus (plum and pink? Her description doesn't give specifics) © kyosplosion
Belladonna (dark purple and neon green) © PlutonianParadox
Joelzziel (white and dark blue) © Raspinbel2
Lucian - OC Pageant - Round 1: Party bicolore
Round 1 entry for :icontheoc-pageantofda:. The theme for this round is semi-formal to formal clothing using only two colours. 

I knew when submitting Lucian that I'd love to try my hands at an combination of a suit and some of the horse items from dressage, making it all into one suit design for him. It was actually a lot of fun designing this.

For colours, I went with a navy blue, as that's the traditional suit colour best fitting for Lucian, and a light blue for shirt, details and pinstripes, as it's one of Lucian's go to tones and working really well with the navy (White tend to get lost on top of Lucian's white fur, so that's generally not a colour he uses). Amusingly, the pinstripes make a bit of an optical illusion on the suit part. But really, there's only two colours here. That's just stripes for you. ;)

I figure Lucian - being a vegetarian from a pre-industrial fantasy world - pretty instantly would be drawn to the fruit at the buffet table. It's familiar enough for him to know what it is, but so very exotic and/or out of season it'll seem like extreme lavish luxury (again, pre-industrial home world). How could he not instantly go for all that fancy fruit?
Besides, most the other food is tricky, as most is unfamiliar to him, and he has no idea what comes with meat. 

Fun fact: Most dance hall interior designs are really, really boring, and clearly designed to be a s neutral as possible, so photos taken inside the hall will keep focus on the guests rather than the interior design (simple light walls, limited wall decorations). I tried to ad a bit of personality to the walls, but wow.... In general it seems to be either boring or "impossible to draw baroque ball rooms" when talking big party halls. 

Concept sketches:
Lucian concept sketches - OC Pageant Round 1 by Gwennafran

Lucian Audition - OCPageantofDA by Gwennafran

Reference photos:
Horse Stock 03. - Horse Stock Algeria 7 - Horse 136
Lucian concept sketches - OC Pageant Round 1
Concept designs for :icontheoc-pageantofda:.

I knew when submitting Lucian that I'd love to try my hands at an combination of a suit and some of the horse items from dressage, making it all into one suit design for him. Tricky part was to actually design it. I spent a few tries before reaching something I liked.

Not that it's not actually pants on the bottom part. Merely panels going above his legs. The middle do go around his body, though.

Finished piece:
Lucian - OC Pageant - Round 1: Party bicolore by Gwennafran
Iisjah to Iisjah
1 hour speedpaint price to :iconiisjah: who placed in the :icontheoc-pageantofda:.

It's always fun to make her OC Iisjah. He has such an interesting face. :)

Iisjah © iisjah
Lucian Audition - OCPageantofDA
Audition entry for :icontheoc-pageantofda:. I had hoped to put in shading, but time just ran away from me. This at the least let Lucian be part of it all. :)

Name: Lucian
Age: 24
Height: 195 cm (115 cm at withers)
Gender: Male
Species and origin: Centauroid unicorn. As Lucian's height suggests, his body is partly based on deer rather than horses, and as such he's smaller than a traditional centaur would be (A horse would be at least 30 cm taller at the withers). 
Lucian originates in a fantasy world, where he's the guardian of a healing lake.

Personality: Gentle and caring, Lucian is not one for lots of noises or activity around him. He likes solitude and tranquillity, even if there's often visitors at his lake. If pushed, Lucian will stand up for himself (or those in his care), and will absolutely turn away people that "looses lake privileges" due to bad behaviour. This is where a visitor might suddenly realise that "fierce unicorns serving as monsters in stories" isn't that far fetched.
Lucian has a pretty big chip on his shoulder in regards to non-centaur creatures that has unfounded prejudice toward his kind. At some point, the idea that centaurs was like animals, acted like the animal they were, or in his case acts all weird around virgin humans just got too much for him, and he has little patience left towards this sort of behaviour. 

Relationships (family, friends, lovers etc.): Lucian lives a pretty solitary life. He had close bonds with his mentor, teaching him the ropes of his job, and he still has contact with his family, but as it is, contact with lake visitors is plenty to fill Lucian's social needs. 

Hobbies and Occupation: As mentioned, Lucian guards a healing lake. I'm not quite sure about his hobbies yet.

Their usual/preferred style of clothing: Fantasy styled clothing. Often in blue or greenish colours. 
  • YES, it is okay with me if someone else is drawing my character and makes them interact with other characters (granted that my OC is treated in a respectful manner)
Likes: Magic, harmony, tending to his lake, soft fabrics. 
Dislikes: Aggressive people, meat, people making dumb assumptions of his species, his lake freezing over.

Any other important details we all need to know about this OC (special abilities, strange obsessions etc.): 
Never ask to ride on him! 
1) It's just plain rude, and a cultural misstep of proportions, as most centaurs get pretty offended by people suggesting they're horses and should be treated as such.
2) Lucian's body just isn't built for it. It's not a horse body, but more of a combination of horse and white-tailed deer (and something else entirely), making it a lot more fragile towards weight. Also he's pretty small. Most ponies are actually larger than Lucian. 

Also, Lucian has some healing and light magic (as well as some natural purification magic). He also has a few basic clothing spells, that allows for him to easily put on and take off clothing, even if it's on places actually out of reach for him. 


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